CMD- How Do I Change MIDI Channel On My CMD Controller?

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The CMD Series is a modular system of DJ controllers that can be put together to suit your needs. The range consists of:

  • CMD DV-1
  • CMD PL-1
  • CMD LC-1
  • CMD MM-1
  • CMD DC-1


All of the above units have the ability to change the MIDI channel that they operate on using a 'channel changer' software application which can be downloaded from the relevant product page. There is a version for both Mac OS and Windows.

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Below is an image of the channel changer once downloaded:


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Once you have downloaded one channel changer app it will work for all the CMD products listed, so you don't need to download one version from each product you own's webpage. Once you have plugged in your CMD controller and clicked 'Start' the unit will be recognised. Then you can select the MIDI channel you wish for the device to operate on and click 'Send Command'. Your CMD controller will now operate on that MIDI channel.


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