DDX3216- How Do I Set Up The ADT1616 Expansion Card?











In this example, it is assumed that an ADT1616 ADAT interface is connected to MODULE 1 on the DDX3216.   The signal will be sent through analog input channel 1, then routed through a Direct output to Module 1.


1.  Press the CH 1-16 button, the SELECT button on channel 1.

2.  Press the ROUTING button. Make sure that none of the Buses are highlighted on that page (but ?MAIN? should be highlighted for use in most mixes).

3.  Press the I/O button, and go to the INPUT page to highlight ?AN 1-8? (for analog inputs 1-8).

4.  Go to the I/O menu OUTPUT page and highlight ?DI 1-2? as the SOURCE (for Direct out 1-2).

5.  Press ENTER to accept the settings you?ve created at this point.

6.  Go to the I/O menu MODULE page and highlight ?OUT 1-8? in the CH 1-8 list for MODULE 1 (on the left side of the display).

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