Definition- What Is British EQ?










British EQ can be loosely defined as any equalizer circuit that is designed and built in a way that emulates (in design or sound or both) the

classic EQ circuits from the legendary mixers that came out of England in the 1950?s, 60?s and 70?s. Soundcraft, Amek, Neve, Trident, and many

other brands achieved legendary status during those years because engineers and producers liked their sound, and in particular liked the

performance and sound of their equalizers. During the 1980?s and 90?s less expensive products began to show up from other parts of the world.

British EQ was thus coined as a marketing term that became used by many of the English companies to combat the less expensive products.

They felt that by making the distinction that not all mixers and EQ circuits sound the same they could maintain market share even at higher

prices. By all accounts the idea worked because there is still today quite a bit of mystique around the concept of British EQ.

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