Downloads- How Do I Download And Register My Tracktion Software?

NewKBlogoPNG.png-To obtain the free OEM version of the DAW/Sequencer/Audio Recorder software Tracktion, (as long as your product comes with Tracktion) simply go to the Support Page and register the details of your product, a redemption code will then automatically be sent to your registered email:


*If you do not receive an Automated Email with your Tracktion Redemption Code then please email us at: 


-Once you receive the code from us open up your browser and go to and click the Redeem Behringer section (pictured below).



-On the next page you will be asked for your code, enter it into the box (highlighted below) and press 'Continue'.

Step 1@'.jpg


- Next you will be prompted to create an account, go ahead and fill in your details and choose a password.

Step 2@.jpg

-You will then be sent an email, click the link in that email and your account will be confirmed and live, you will then see the page shown below. Click the 'Add A License' box.

Step 3@.jpg

- You will then land on the 'Select License Type' page. Click the 'REDEEM FREE LICENSE' box.

Step 4.jpg


- You will then be asked for your Tracktion Redemption code again. Enter it into the box and press continue. Then next page will be the download page where you can download an installation setup of Tracktion. Please note this will be for Tracktion 4, if you want Tracktion 5, as we're sure you all do, you will need to ignore this Tracktion 4 download. Go to the next step below this image to find out how to get it. (Take note of the Mackie and Behringer logos on the Tracktion 4 version, this means this is the free copy granted from the purchase of Behringer products). 

Step 5.jpg

- In order to get Tracktion 5 simply click the 'ACCOUNT' link in the top menu bar. This will take you to your main Account page. Notice the 'My Licenses' box now says Tracktion 5. This means you have a license to download Tracktion 5 (T5).

step 9.jpg


-To get it click the ACCOUNT menu and then click the 'DOWNLOADS' tab. The next page you get is shown below. (Again notice the Behringer Logo, this means you can download and use this version). Go ahead and click the Tracktion logo to get the download, then just choose the version (32 or 64 bit, Windows, Mac or Linux) and download it t your computer. 


step 6.jpg


- Next step is to install Tracktion with the installer you downloaded. Once this is done open up Tracktion. You will be greeted with the message (see below). Click on 'UNLOCK...'

Step 8.jpg


- The next message will be two fields (Email and Password). This is your Tracktion account details, so enter in the email you used to register on the Tracktion site with and then your Tracktion account password. The software will then automatically sign in and check your Tracktion licenses. It will then unlock the software.

Step 7.jpg


That's it! Now you can get on to making great mixes with your shiny new Behringer gear. Happy mixing!  



How can I tell if my product comes with Tracktion?


On your respective product's page on the Behringer website it will state in the 'Overview' section if your product comes with Tracktion as shown below :



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