Downloads- How Do I Download Deckadance Software That Comes With My Product?

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In this article we will illustrate the steps involved in downloading your free OEM version of Gibson's Deckadance 2 LE DJ software that comes free as our gift to you with the CMD range of Behringer products. 


-Firstly you will need the Deckadance/Behringer yellow card that comes with your product. Deckadance comes free with all of our CMD range DJ controllers, just look in the packaging and you will find a card like the one below. The code will be at the top of the card where the red banner is on the image below. 




- Next you will need to go to . You will then be taken to the Gibson site. Here you can follow the link to Enter your Behringer voucher code:



- Following this link will take you to the Cakewalk website where you will need to create/sign into to your Cakewalk account. Once logged in to your account you will be asked to Enter your redemption code:



- Once have entered your code you will provided with a link to your account as shown below:



- Following this link will display your account page and the products that are available:




- You can then download the instructions on how to redeem your copy of Deckadance. First download the Demo version of Deckadance from the following webpage:


- Once you have downloaded the demo, run the installer and open Deckadance. In Deckadance you go open the Preferences ( the icon shown in the red square below) follow the 3 steps to activate your LE version of the software:



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