FCB1010- How Do I Program Change With Regular Non-Direct Select Mode?










  1. Press the DOWN switch for 2 ½ seconds to enter the PRESET programming mode. The number in the display will disappear and the green SWITCH 1/SWITCH 2 LED will start flashing.

  2. Press the UP switch and the green SELECT LED will light up.

  3. At this point, if the LED on footswitch 1 isn't lit up, press and hold the switch for about 1 ½ seconds until it does light up. We have now selected Program Change Command #1 (shown as PRG CHG 1 on footswitch 1).

  4. Press footswitch 1 briefly and it will start to flash.

  5. Confirm the MIDI function selection by pressing the UP switch. The green NUMBER LED will now light up.

  6. Use the footswitches or EXPRESSION PEDAL A to enter the program change number that you want to transmit (1 through 128) with the PRESET. 

  7. Confirm your selection by pressing the UP switch. The green SELECT LED will light up.

  8. Leave the PRESET programming mode by pressing the DOWN switch for 2 ½ seconds to and you should see the bank number listed in the display.


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