FCB1010- How Do I Use The Bass V-Amp Loop Function Without Layering?










The following method is used to re-program one of the FCB1010 BASS V-AMP presets so that the loop function runs only once, and doesn't continue to layer more loops on top of the first one.


1 - Do a factory reset on both Bass V-Amp & FCB1010. There are notes below on how to do this.

2 - Call up bank 7 in FCB1010 - choose a sound on the top row (6 - 10) - 10 is a nice "clean sound" to start with.

3 - Select footswitch #1 (play) and reprogram as follows :

Hold "down" for 3 sec to enter programming level.
Press "up" to skip over relay switches
Select footswitch#7
Press "up"
Change cc from CC27 to CC55
Press "up"
Set value to 00 (should already be 00)
Confirm with "up"
Save changes and exit programming level (press "down" for 3 sec)

4 - Select footswitch #2 and repeat programming as above, but replace CC27 (footswitch #7) with CC56

Now the FCB1010 / bank 7 is configured to toggle "rec" start / stop on FS1 and "play" start / stop on FS2

It may be necessary to hit FS2 twice to initiate playback .


FCB1010 reset procedure:

Press and hold footswitches 1 and 6 while powering up. The display will show numbers that cycle from ?.0.9? to ?00?, and then stop.


BASS V-AMP reset procedure:

With the power off, press and hold the D and E buttons while turning the power on. The letters ?CL? will appear in the display. Then press the BANK UP and BANK DOWN buttons at the same time to confirm the procedure.


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