How Do I Route Channels To Outboard When No Auxes Are Available On My SX3242FX?










The following steps will allow you to connect an outboard effects processor through the subgroups when all Aux sends are being used:

1. All channels you wish to send to this processor must be routed to 1-2 with the button next to the fader. MAIN should also be engaged. 

2. Bring the SUB 1 fader to the "zero" position. 

3. Verify that the LEFT and RIGHT buttons next to the SUB 1 fader are NOT engaged. 

4. Connect a cable from SUBGROUP OUT 1 to the input of the effects processor. 

5. Connect the left and right outputs of the processor to the LEFT and RIGHT LINE INPUTS of a stereo channel (27/28 for this example) 

6. Bring the stereo channel fader to the "zero" position. 

7. Engage the MAIN button on channel 27/28. 

8. Verify the 1-2 button on channel 27/28 is NOT engaged, otherwise a feedback loop will occur. 

The overall input volume to the processor will be controlled via the SUB 1 fader. The overall output of effects to the Main Mix will be controlled with the channel 27/28 fader.


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