LC2412- How Do I Program A Chase To Memory?

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In order to program a chase to memory on the EUROLIGHT LC2412 first you need to program the chase itself. This is done by working through the following steps:

1) Press CHASE button.

2) Select chase number using the jog wheel.

3) Press SOFT A to start programming the first step.

4) Use the faders to set light levels.

5) Press SOFT A to continue to the next step in the chase sequence.

6) Repeat 4 and 5 until all steps of the chase sequence have been programmed.

7) Press QUIT to save chase and finish programming.


To save the chase to memory proceed to the following steps:


1) Press the CTM button.

2) Select memory you wish to assign the chase to (M9-M12).

3) Select the chase number using the jog wheel.

4) Hold SOFT A and use jog wheel to set speed of the chase or press SOFT B to control chase with music.

5) Press QUIT to save.

6) Move programmed memory fader up to run chase.


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