LC2412- How Do I Set Up A DMX System?










Here are two methods for getting a simple DMX system up and running with your new LC2412 DMX lighting controller:


- Set the MAIN fader to the 'up' position.

- Press the QUIT button.

- Access Bank 'P' (for programming), and the top fader row will correspond to channels 1-12, the bottom to 13-24.

- Set the A and B faders in the 'up' position.


- Set a dimmer pack to starting channel 1, and use Fader 1 to see if the light comes up.


Another method?


- Set the LC2412 to Flash mode by pressing the CH FLASH button in the upper right.

- Press the FLASH button on a channel.

- If you press the UPPER button you will have access to all 24 faders as channels.


If these methods don't work the first time, we suggest that you run through the reset procedure to clear the memory.
Press and hold the SOFT A and SOFT B buttons and press the FLASH '1' button (located in the lower left corner of the unit).
Use the JOG WHEEL to select 'DELETE ALL' in the display.
Press the SOFT B button to choose 'YES', then press SOFT B again to confirm the process.



LC2412 Sound-To-Light Quick Start Guide


In this example we will ll do this procedure with a microphone as the sound source and using a simple scene memory (in a memory location between 9 and 12) to control a single light.


- Connect a sound source to the ANALOG IN jack on the back of the LC2412. If you are using a microphone, it?s best to run it through a preamp stage of some sort to boost the signal, just as you would with an effect or other processor.  Even the signal from a CD player (especially if it doesn?t have volume control) may need to be boosted.  If you use a stereo sound source, you can use a Y-cable to combine the signals to go into the single ANALOG IN jack.

- Press the SOUND TO LIGHT button to light up the LED.

 - Put the A, B, and MAIN faders in the '100' (top) position.

- Set the channel 1 fader at '50'.  The light will illuminate.

- Press MEMORY to go into memory mode (the light will go out), and 'Sel Memory' will appear in the display.

- Set the memory faders (marked as 'M9' through 'M12') at the '50' mark, and press the 10 switch e.g. 'flash key' below the M10 fader (to select memory location 10), and 'Sel Memory 10' will appear in the display.

- Press the SOFT A button (just below where 'PRESET' is shown in the display, and now the light will respond to the mic volume level.  


You can adjust how the light will respond to the mic by adjusting the 'M10' through 'M12' faders.



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