Reset- How Do I Perform A Factory Reset On The V-AMP 3?









To perform a factory reset on the V-AMP 3, begin with the V-AMP 3 powered OFF.

Find the "D" and "E" preset selection keys on the top panel of the V-AMP 3.

While pressing and holding the "D" and "E" keys, power up the V-AMP 3.

"CL" appears in the display.

Release the "D" and "E" buttons.

Press both the BANK UP and BANK DOWN keys simultaneously.

This erases all saved settings and any stored user-created presets, and returns the V-AMP 3 to its factory settings.

(Note: Because the V-AMP 3 does not have a power on/off switch, you will need to power the unit on or off by connecting or disconnecting the V-AMP 3's power supply from the AC outlet, leaving the multipin power adaptor end connected to the V-AMP 3's power adaptor inlet jack. Alternately, you may connect the V-AMP 3's power supply to a multi-outlet "power strip" and use the on/off switch on the power strip to turn AC power on or off to the V-AMP 3's power supply).

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