UMC- Why Isn't My Interface Recocnised Through USB? (Firmware Upgrade)











This Firmware Upgrade Guide is only for the

- UMC204

- UMC404



It may be the case you have a USB 3.0 chipset and usb port. For USB 3.0 chipsets the firmware needs to be updated on the UMC device. To do this you will need to use a Windows computer with a USB2.0 chipset and USB2.0 ports. The driver will have to also be installed on the computer performing the firmware update. Here is the Firmware setup file link:


Here is the Driver setup file:


Please note this does not apply to the UMC 'HD' devices (UMC202HD, UMC204HD, UMC404HD) as these already have been configured to work with USB 3.0. 


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