V-AMP- How Do I Access Setup Mode Functions For The V-AMP 2 and V-AMP 3?









1. Turn power on to the V-AMP, then to your amp or amp and speaker system.

2. Using the MASTER and VOLUME knobs on the V-AMP, as well as the VOLUME knob on the amp or speaker system, adjust the volume to a desired level.

3. Press the BANK UP and BANK DOWN buttons at the same time.  The single LED above ?SETUP? will go on, indicating that you are in Setup Mode.

4. Pressing the A key activates the MIDI function, where you can select the MIDI transmit and receive channels (1 through 16).

5. Pressing the B key switches the DRIVE function on/off.  You can use this function to raise or lower the degree of distortion.  The User Manual explains this function in detail.

6. Pressing the C key activates the CABINET function.  Use the arrow keys (below BANK DOWN and BANK UP) to select any of the 15 speaker types, a combination of several speakers, or to disable the entire speaker simulation.  The User Manual lists recommended amp/cabinet combinations.

7. Press the D key to select the REVERB function.  You can use the arrow keys to choose from nine reverb types (as listed in the User Manual).

8. Press the E key to activate the NOISE GATE function.  You can use the arrow keys to adjust the noise reduction level.

9. Press the TUNER button to return to Play Mode.



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