X32- How Do I Setup Two S16 Snakes And Two Consoles?

1. Connect the AES50A port on first S16 to AES50A port on X32 on-stage (monitor) console via Cat-5.
2. Connect the AES50B port on the first S16 to the AES50A port on the second S16 via Cat-5.
3. Connect the AES50A port of the FOH X32 to the AES50B port of the on-stage X32 via Cat-5.
4. Now the configuration of the monitor console has to be set. Keep in mind that in this configuration, the on-stage console will be the one controlling the input gains of the mic preamps, so a good and intensive soundcheck should be done.
5. Press the ROUTING switch next to the display on the on-stage console. On the HOME tab select "AES50A 1-8" as source for "Inputs 1-8", "AES50A 9-16" for "Input 9-16", and accordingly for channels 17-32.
6. To route the channels through the on-stage console to the FOH console, switch to the AESA50B page and set "Output 1-8" to "AES50A 1-8", "Output 9-16" to "AES50A 9-16", etc.
7. On the FOH X32 console, press the ROUTING switch next to the display. On the HOME tab select "AES50A 1-8" as source for "Inputs 1-8", "AES50A 9-16" for "Input 9-16", and accodingly for channels 17-32.
8. To get the main out from the FOH back to one of the stage boxes to feed the PA, the main outs of the console which are routed per default to OUT 15 and OUT 16 have to be routed through the on-stage X32 console. To achieve this, select the AES50A tab and set Output 1-8 to "AES50B 1-8". The Main Outputs of the FOH console are now available on the first S16 on OUT 7 and OUT 8 to connect your main PA system.


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