XENYX- How Do I Route The Internal Effects Of The X2442USB To My Monitors?










Running the FX from the board into the monitor mix will require a stereo breakout cable - 1/4" stereo on one side splitting out to left and right 1/4" connections. 

1.  Connect the stereo end to the FX OUT jack on the back of the X2442USB.
2.  Connect the left and right TS jacks of the cable into the left and right 1/4" inputs of a stereo channel of the mixer (9/10, 11/12, 13/14, or 15/16).
3.  Make sure the FX send on that stereo channel is NOT turned up, as a feedback loop will result!

4.  Press the MAIN button on the stereo channel to route the FX to your main output.
5.  Set the Aux 1 send on the channel to PRE-FADER
6.  Turn up the Aux 1 send on the channel to send the FX to the monitors.
7.  If you are using a second monitor mix, turn up Aux send 2 on the stereo channel.

Always make sure that the FX send on the stereo channel is turned down, otherwise a feedback loop will occur which may cause damage to the mixer, not to mention your hearing.


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