iNUKE- How Can I Save Presets And Reset My iNUKE DSP Amplifier Without A Computer?

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For sound engineers requiring high-level control capability, the iNUKE DSP amplifier range comes ready for action right out-of-the-box. The built-in DSP and 24-bit/96 kHz converters ensure the ultimate signal integrity with an extremely broad dynamic range. DSP functions include a sophisticated delay for delay-line loudspeakers, crossover, EQ (8 parametric, 2 dynamic), and dynamics processing with lockable security settings. A convenient front panel LCD display allows you to setup and make adjustments directly at the amplifier, without the need for a PC. 


The process for saving your presets using the controls on the iNUKE amplifier is as follows:


- Adjust your settings.

- Once you have the right settings, press SETUP button.

- Scroll down to 'Save Preset' using the SELECT encoder and push encoder.

- Scroll to an empty bank and push SELECT encoder to save,

- Name your preset using the SELECT encoder,


To return the iNUKE DSP to factory settings:


- Press SETUP button.

- push SELECT encoder to 'Load Preset'.

- Using the SELECT encoder scroll to any empty preset and push the encoder to load.

- All settings will then be 'zeroed'. There will be no X-over, EQ etc. 


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