PRO Series - What type of cables should I use?

For Midas PRO Series consoles, all cables should be a maximum of 100 metres in length from point to point (without any breaks or tails).

For every break or tail, we recommend that you take away 7 metres in overall length.
For example: 1 break/tail would equal a maximum main cable length of 93 metres.

In most applications we recommend the use of the recommended 100M MIDAS cable drum:

User-added image

However in “high static” generated environments (such as heavy carpets), or electrically noisy environments (such as running
cables near to inductive loads or AC), it is perfectly acceptable to use Cat5e STP Network cable that has been qualified to Cat5e
Standards. This will prevent any potential audio issues in such adverse environments.

If you are unsure of your cable length or have any concerns about its reliability, then please contact and we can arrange for your cable to be tested.

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