I can't find Dante transmit in new Lake Controller using Windows 8

"I am using Lake Controller with Windows 8 and I can't find the Dante channels I broadcast. It worked fine when using Windows 7 or XP"

In this instance, we recommend that you... 

1. You download the latest DanteController v3.5.3.1 from Audinate, and in there specify the correct network for Dante. Then this will be correctly set when the Lake Controller is using the same services.

2. Alternatively disable all NICs (Network Interfaces) that you have except for the NIC that you are using for the Lake network, then you will have no further problems.

We currently have a new version of Lake controller in development in which we will also configure the NIC for Dante with the same interface that is selected for Lake (on the startscreen for NIC selection).

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