LAKE Frame Replace

How to copy across Frame details using Batch Replace and Frame Copy/Replace.

Download the latest version of Lake Controller here:
  • If, for some reason, you need to replace a Frame in your network with new or temporary Frame, the Replace function in LAKE Controller can be used to quickly copy across I/O Configurations, Labels, and Module Presets to your new frame.
  • The Replace functions can also be used to copy the settings from Virtual Frames in a pre-designed configuration to our physical Frames. We’ll start with this example.
  • In LAKE controller we have two Virtual PLM 20000 DPs that we have configured for our stage setup, stage left and stage right, that we now want to replace with our physical Frames. 
  • If we go in to Modules we can see our connected Frames in the panel at the bottom of the screen.
  • To copy our virtual design to our Frames we select one of the modules currently in our workspace and click Copy/Paste Replace.
  • Here we have the option to Replace a single Frame or do a Batch Replace. We will use Batch Replace to replace multiple Frames at once.
  • The Batch Replace popup window will list any Offline or Virtual Frames we have on the left and all of our online frames on the right.
  • We assign destination numbers to our Online Frames and LAKE will replace each Frame with the corresponding destination number. 
  • In this example we highlight our Stage Left Frame by pressing the select button on the Frame’s front panel, click the Frame in LAKE Controller, and assign the desired destination number for our Stage Left Virtual Frame. Then we do the same for our remaining Frames.
  • Once all of our destination numbers are assigned, we click Start Replace, and YES.
  • LAKE will then replace the assigned Frames in our workspace with our new Frames.
  • Let’s say one of our Stage Left Frame needs to be sent off for repair and we are using a loaned Frame in the meantime.
  • We disconnect our Stage Left Frame from our system, and connect our temporary Frame.
  • Our Stage Left Modules will display an error and go offline.
  • Once our temporary Frame is connected it will appear in the Modules panel at the bottom.
  • Before we replace our Frame, we need to make a note of our Technical Data, as this is not copied across during a Frame Replace.
  • We click on our offline module, go to I/O Config, then Technical Data, and note down the information in the popup window.
  • Go back to Modules and go to Copy/Paste Replace, then select Replace Frame, select the temporary Frame from the panel at the bottom, and click Complete Replace, then yes.
  • Now we have successfully replaced our Frame we can fill in any technical we made a note of before.

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