LM 26/44: Display shows 'Initializing'


My LM 26/44 is showing 'Initializing' in the display, what can I do ?


Please do the new following steps in the exact order:

  1. Start the preset manager and make a PC backup of all presets you have stored in the unit.
  2. Make a Factory reset from the front of the unit. (This will delete all saved data in the LM 26/44).
  3. Download the newest Software version from our web site and install the software.
  4. Start Firmware Updater and upload the FW from 0.28 to 0.29.  Power cycle the LM 26/44 and let the unit reboot the Firmware.
  5. Start the new version of the Lake Preset Manager and upload the list of presets to the LM 26/44.
  6. Start the Lake controller and test performance.

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