LM 26/44: How to update the software


There is a new release of Software, what shall I do?


This is how:

  1. Start the Preset manager. Make a backup on the PC of all programs you have in the LM 26.
  2. Make a Factory reset from the front of the LM 26. This will delete all presets saved in the unit.
  3. Download the new release, and install the complete package.
  4. Start FW updater, and upload the new FW. Follow the instruction, and make sure that the unit is power cycled after the update. Close the FW updater
  5. Start the New Preset Manager and open the folder with your preset. If the preset manager wants to generate a new preset folder then follow instructions and do so.
  6. Take the new preset folder and load the presets to the LM 26.

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