LM 26/44: Troubleshooting connection to PC


My PC will not connect to the LM 26?


Try the following:

  1. Make sure you have a 1 Gbit connection to the LM 26, and connect only the primary net port to the PC.
  2. Close down all other connections on the PC, (WLAN, Bluetooth) disable and re-enable the LAN connection.
  3. Use DHCP. Go to the TCP/IP properties and select: Obtain and IP address automatically.
  4. Start firmware updater and make sure that the firmware version matches the software version you are running.
  5. If not update the firmware.
  6. Close the firmware.
  7. Start the Lake controller and select the LAN connection when the IP address show up.
  8. Click on F3 modules, and grab the two gray LM 26 balloons and place them on the screen.

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