Lake Controller v. 6.3: Wireless connection

In v. 6.3 the Lake Controller has also started to specify the actual Network Interface Controller (NIC) that is supposed to be used by the Dante services. This would be the same as is used for the Lake Controller on the NIC selection screen that is displayed on startup (if more then one NIC is enabled in the computer). 
But, as the Dante services dosn't support wireless NIC (neither does the Dante Controller) so if a wireless NIC is selected this is not a valid selection for the Dante services and thous it cannot be used, and theirby the error messages are displayed.

This wasn't done in v. 6.2 or earlier of the Lake Controller, due that the Lake Controller never specified the NIC for the Dante services (they could only be controller from the Dante Controller and this was a bug in the Lake Controller).

We are aware of that the current error messages and will work to have more information about this in the next release of the Lake Controller.

This is purely a matter Dante configuration not being available on the computer, any running Dante signal between devices are unaffected.

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