PLM / FP+ / C-Series / CX: Touring and Installation amp differences


I'm putting together a small touring sound system, and found your Lab Gruppen C68-4 amplifier, which looks perfect for my needs, i'd put it in a mobile rack and build a patch panel for connecting inputs and outputs.
However, it says it is an 'installation' amp, and its your fp series that are touring amps. What is the difference? it seems to have as many features, and all the protection. is there a reason why it would not be suitable?


Generally speaking, the amps are manufactured on the same platform and with the same quality. The differences are the front panel and the back of the units.

Touring products have XLR connectors and speakons on the back and the front has access to volume pot meters.

C-Series are ideal for installations with volume pots protected behind the front panel and with phoenix connectors on the back.

FP+ are optimized to work with low impedance on the output and they are build with more power transistors in the output stage and more power full PSU’s. The main board are the same and sound and stableness are the same.
So, essentially there are no problems in using the C-series amps on the road.

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