The Benefits of Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS™)


The power supply unit (PSU) in each C Series amplifier is an advanced, regulated design that is remarkably compact and exceptionally efficient. The transformer uses an enhanced ferrite core to create magnetic field capacity equivalent to iron core transformers of far greater bulk. The ingeniously simple layout is extremely efficient, generating less heat and reducing overall amplifier current draw from the mains.

The R.SMPS design is regulated to keep supply voltage rails at optimum levels even when mains voltages sag due to external conditions. Mains voltages can drop as much as 20% below nominal before there is any effect on peak rail voltages.


R.SMPS delivers full rail voltage to the output stage even when mains current sags or fluctuates significantly, allowing the amplifier to exhibit consistent transient response and tight, undistorted bass. Small size and high efficiency contribute to the extraordinary power density of the C Series.

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