I can't use EEE in a Dante Network

Please do not use EEE* function of Ethernet switches in a Dante network.

It has been reported that using some Ethernet switches whose EEE function is enabled can cause audio dropouts or noise in a Dante network. This is because the EEE function has a bad influence on the clock synchronization of Dante making real-time communication. Please avoid the EEE function as stated below:

  1. For "Managed" switches, disable the EEE function. (You can enable/disable EEE function by application software etc.).
  2. For "Unmanaged" switches, do not use Ethernet switches that support the EEE function. (Because you cannot disable EEE function).

*EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) function is the technology that will allow for less power consumption during periods of low network traffic.

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