KINGDOM ROYAL CARBON BLACK - How should i position my loudspeakers?

Your user manual will give you recommendations on the best starting point to position your speakers, however as a general rule we recommend the following:

Distance from walls
1-1.5 metres from any sidewall
0.5-1 metre from any back walls

Listener's Distance
The distance from the listening position to each speaker must be equal to or greater than the distance between the speakers.  The distance between the speakers should be typically between 2.5 and 3.0 metres. 

Listening Axis
The height of the listener’s ears from the floor should be the same height as the tweeter +/- 250mm.  If the design employs an inverted tweeter/bass configuration then +/-250 from the bass unit.

We understand that sometimes the user may desire a greater or reduced bass response or their room may be limited in size, however, these recommendations are a good starting point and further experimentation is always advised.

More information on this along other listening procedures can be found in our White Paper. If you would like a copy of this please submit a query here.

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