Ability to buy spare parts for products


Can I buy spare parts for my product?


To us the most important thing is to ensure not only consistent and affordable service, but also reliable products for our customers. To that end, we recommend our users only send their products for repair at one of our authorized service centers for all their service matters.

However, for users who wish to undertake fault diagnosis and product repairs on their own, lower-level spare parts (PCBs, modules and speaker drivers) may be purchased from our authorized service centers. By ordering a spare part, the user accepts the below disclaimer:

  1. Some spare parts and products may require special equipment or software and may not work until programmed, adjusted, calibrated or similar. The user is solely responsible for having access to such equipment or software and said programming, adjustment or calibration.
  2. The user understands that he cannot be provided with any technical documentation or service / repair support back-up from TC Electronic headquarters or the authorized service center.
  3. All spare parts are sold “as-is”, without any implicit or explicit -
    1. Fitness for a particular purpose, 
    2. Assurance for fixing any specific device fault,
    3. Warranty of any kind.
  4. All spare part sales are final, and spare parts cannot be returned for credit or swapped for other spare parts.
  5. Any repairs undertaken by anybody other than TC Electronic or a TC authorized service center will effectively void any remaining warranty on the product or any repairs made to the product previously by an authorized service center.
  6. The user acknowledges that the product conforms to applicable regulations regarding safety and emissions and that any repair not undertaken by TC or a TC authorized service partner will void future compliance with said regulations.
  7. The user assumes full responsibility for any future defects or malfunctions occurring with a device not serviced or repaired by either TC or an authorized service center.

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