Alter Ego V2: Errors in user manual regarding maximum delay time?


I just bought an Alter Ego V2. It's really a great pedal but maximum delay time -whatever the delay type you choose- is far below 7000 ms. See page 15 on the user manual.


The maximum delay time available on the Alter Ego V2 (and all of our TonePrint series delay pedals) is indeed 7000 ms or 7 seconds, though it's not that long on every delay type available through the delay type selector even with the delay time knob set all the way up. This is because when we designed the Alter Ego V2, we wanted to bring forward most common and useful delay times for common cases. That's why delay times are not as long as the maximum delay time available even if you put the delay time knob to maximum.

If you want to to take full advantage of longer delay times, you will need to create TonePrints through the TonePrint Editor. No worries, it's not that complicated and the TonePrint editor is free. It is located here for downloading.

Connect your pedal to your computer via USB. Once the TonePrint editor is downloaded, open it and go to the editor page. Move the delay type selector on the pedal to TP (TonePrint). Now move the delay time knob and see what happens to the delay time value on the editor... You can see delay time is going from 20ms to 7000ms according to the delay knob position. It's possible to go down to 0 ms if you would like. To do this you have to enter this value in the modifier display. Click on the first point to the left 20 and move it down to 0. The modifier display is without any doubt one the most interesting parts in the TonePrint editor.

Please see the TonePrint editor manual and check out all the possibilities available! You will have access to 26 parameters!

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