Alter Ego X4: Restoring the three factory presets


What are the factory presets of the Alter Ego X4?


The three factory presets for the Alter Ego X4:

A This is an Eric Johnson-style tape echo with somewhere between 2 and 3 repeats:

Here are the settings for preset A:

Delay Type: E REC 1 
Delay Time: 409 ms 
Feedback: 33% 
Subdivision: Quarter

B This is a swirly and big 2290 delay with modulation on the repeats. Great for clean playing and volume swells – or if you’re into U2…

Here are the settings for preset B:

Delay Type: 2290 MOD 
Delay Time: 497 ms 
Feedback: 47% 
Subdivision: Quarter + dotted eights

C This is a short analog delay that will give your sound a bit more ambience:

Here are the settings for preset C:

Delay Type: DMM V 
Delay Time: 300 ms 
Feedback: 16% 
Subdivision: Quarter


You can overwrite these factory presets with your own favorite settings.

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