Authorizing optional PowerCore plug-ins via license files


How do I authorize PowerCore plug-ins with license files?


From PowerCore software version 2 and upwards the PowerCore plug-ins use a new license system which allows for trial versions, as well as full unlimited licenses. If you have plug-ins installed that were requested from our webpage, their respective status will not be shown correctly.

Please note: the license status can only be displayed correctly if you have a 2nd generation PowerCore supporting the license system. The 1st generation PowerCore Element and PowerCore PCI cards do not support it.

In order to get the plugins displayed and working correctly, please follow these instructions:

  1. Install the latest PowerCore installer software (do not use any separately requested installers for the optional plug-ins)
  2. Go to the TC My Account page.
  3. Open an account using your registered PowerCore email address:

  4. Register any unregistered products and then go to 'Download plug-in license':

  5. If you see the 'I use Powercore Software 2.0 or above ' checkbox at the top of the page, check the checkmark. If you don't see it, you're all set already.
  6. Download the license files for your plug-ins by clicking the 'Download 2.x license' next to each plug-in. Store these files in a location where you're able to find them.
  7. To load the licenses into your PowerCore and have the status displayed correctly, either double-click the files you have downloaded, or use the 'Add license' button in the PowerCore control panel.

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