Avoiding IRQ sharing conflicts with Konnekt / PowerCore on Windows


Please provide some tips on how I can avoid IRQ sharing conflicts with Konnekt / PowerCore on my Windows system.


Here is a way how to manipulate your BIOS (Basic Input Output System) to get the most out of your DAW and your computer recording hardware.

For performance reasons we recommend to assign the Konnekt / PowerCore to its own IRQ. IRQ sharing is a normal thing, but depending on the devices it can lead to issues and affec the performance.

If you have too many devices on one IRQ, you can overload your system. You can, however, reassign the IRQs to optimize performance. Since Windows XP by defaults auto assigns IRQs, you might need to change it.

How to assign a separate IRQ to your TC Electronic Konnekt Interface / Powercore:

  • Take note of to which FireWire controller your Konnekt interface / PowerCore is connected . Then go to the Device Manager: right-click on My Computer, then select Properties > Hardware > Device Manager.
    Look for an unused port that you can disable in order to use the IRQ it's assigned to. In most cases, the COM1 or COM2 ports work the best;
  • Once you find an unused port, take note of what IRQ it's on. Right-click on it, select Properties, and choose "Disable in this device profile." Then reboot your computer;
  • While the computer is rebooting, tap the F1 key and the Delete key back and forth until your system BIOS pop up.* Go to “Advanced,” then “PCI Configuration.” (in case of a PowerCore card, rather than FireWire device) This will show you the PCI slots and their IRQ assignments.
    Simply go to the slot number that your Konnekt interface is connected to, and change it’s IRQ number to the newly available one. Choose "Exit and save changes".
    Your computer will restart and boot up normally;
  • Now go back to the Start menu, select Run and type "msinfo32". Then click OK > Hardware Resources > IRQs. Confirm that Powercore/Konnekt are connected to a FireWire controller on it's own IRQ;

Please note: Not every BIOS version will allow you to make IRQ assignments by PCI slot. Please review your motherboard documentation for details, or get in touch with the motherboard vendor for more information.

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