BG250 / BH250: The amp cannot connect to computer via USB


My computer (Windows or Mac) does not detect my amp, so I cannot upload any TonePrints. What's going on?


  1. Try plugging in the cable several times. Some computers send information so fast that the TonePrint app doesn't have time to auto-recognize the amp. On a MAC, go to the Audio MIDI page and delete the BH250 if present there - then replug the unit
  2. Remove all other USB devices. Other USB devices might override the default driver that the amp uses. If another driver is used the TonePrint installer won't recognize the amp.
  3. Shut down all other apps using MIDI drivers (MIDI OX, G-System Editor, Line 6 monkey, etc.) If another application is using MIDI, the TonePrint installer won't recognize the amp.
  4. When plugging in the amp for the first time, remember to log in as administrator, otherwise the default driver won't be installed. If you haven't used a MIDI device on your computer before or you have only used one that use proprietary drivers, the software will need to be installed before the amp can be detected. This is done automatically when the amp is connected as drivers come with operating system, but the operating system won't install the driver unless you're logged in as an administrator.
  5. Try another computer. To make sure it isn't the amp that's faulty try to see if you can upload a TonePrint from another computer.

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