BMC-2: Is it possible to control simultaneously both analog and digital outputs?


can I use the BMC-2 to control both SPDIFsignal and analog at the same time? I have a set of Air6 digital monitors but an analog subwoofer and would like to control the volume to the both at the same time.


It is possible to have both analog and SPDIF outputs at the same time. You just need to assign the ALT button to another digital output such as ADAT or TOS.

To assign the ALT button to any of the digital output follow the below procedure : 

  • Disable alt 
  • Select the digital format in the input section (i.e. ADAT) 
  • Press and Hold ALT button until the ADAT led of the input section is steadily lit. (that will take approx. 5 seconds)

Once this is done, disable ALT - the signal will go out to both analog and SPDIF outputs. However if you press the ALT button, onlythe ADAT output will work (and your sub will not get any signal)

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