BMC-2: is it possible to insert an external processor in the signal flow?


If I am using the optical input of the BMC2 (TOS or ADAT), Is it possible to use the SPDIF I/O's to insert an external device (i.e. an EQ) in the signal flow, then use analog outputs to speakers?


 It is unfortunately not possible: the unit can only select one input at a time and cannot manage a second digital input simultaneously.

  • You can select between ADAT 1-2 and 3-4 or SPDIF inputs for a stereo signal. 
  • You can output to Analog outputs to a main pair of speakers
  • You can also output the signal to one digital output (SPDIF or optical) and set it as alternate output, to a second pair of digital speakers or another digital device. 

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