D-Two: How to tap the tempo with a single Footswitch pedal?


I am using a single footswitch pedal such as the Boss FS5U connected to the D-Two. When I tap on the footswitch I always get in Rhythm mode. How can get the pedal to only control the´TAP tempo?   


The D-two pedal input is designed for a Dual footswitch pedal connected with a TRS jack cable. In this case one switch will be fixed to the TAP tempo (ring) and the other one (tip) can be assigned to Bypass, Rhythm or Tap in the SETUP menu, PEDAL parameter. By default it is set to RHYTHM.

When using a single footswitch pedal with a TS cable, you must enter the SETUP menu and set the PEDAL parameter to TAP to control the TAP.

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