D-Two: How to update the software


I'm a bit puzzled about the software update procedure. How do you actually get the software in the unit? What do I need to do?


The MIDI information that you transfer during the upload, is in the so-called SysEx format. It's a sort of binary code, that can carry system information. Thus, the MIDI code IS the software.

The upload procedure requires a PC with a standard MIDI Interface, and an application capable of sending .syx files, for instance the freeware application MIDI-OX, which is available from the MIDI-OX website.

Your existing user presets should not be affected by the update, but we suggest that you make a safety backup as described in the user manual.

Important: before starting the upload procedure, please quit any MIDI related application on your PC, other than MIDI-OX.

  • Connect the PC MIDI-Out to the D-Two MIDI-In socket.
  • Press and hold the EDIT and "Arrow Up" keys during power up to enter the service menu.
  • The D-Two display will read: "D-TWO 1.06 FRONT 1.6Dial the wheel and choose "Download DSP code ?
  • Press the ENTER key to confirm. The display will now read "Downloading code" and "000" in the upper right corner.
  • Start MIDI-OX. Choose view/sysex. In the sysex window, choose send sysex, and browse to select the D-Two .syx file, and press ok.
  • You should now see the D-Two numerical display counting as well as a progress bar on your PC screen.

Important: after the upload has finished, you MUST wait (up to 1 minute) until the D-Two display reads "D-TWO 1.06 FRONT 1.6" again.

  • Reboot ("POWER" off/on) the D-Two using the front panel Power switch. During startup, the D-Two will now read ">D Two version 1.05<".
  • You have now successfully uploaded the new application software to your D-Two.

Troubleshooting: after otherwise successful load, the D-Two does not go back to "D-TWO 1.06 FRONT 1.6": Reboot the D-Two and retry load procedure.

  • Error 9: Reboot the D-Two and retry load procedure.
  • Error 1: Reboot the D-Two and retry load procedure.

In case of persistent errors, disconnect the power cable to the D-Two for 10 seconds, then connect it again and retry the upload procedure.

If error persists even after the power has been removed, the D-Two MIDI speed may have been set wrongly.

  • Enter the service menu as described above.
  • Choose the menu item "Change MIDI speed ?", and press ENTER.
  • If the display does not read "MIDI speed: 31250 * ", then press "BYPASS" to make this text appear; then press ENTER to confirm.
  • Reboot the D-Two and retry the upload procedure.


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