DB4 / DB8: "Protected Data has been destroyed"


After powering on, the following message is diplayed: "Protected Data has Been Destroyed..."

What should I do to resolve it?


Step 2 should be handled only by a qualified electronic technician:

  1. Turn off the unit.
  2. Open the lid and check the backup battery - it should give you 3V. If it's below that, replace it - it's a CR2032 with 3 vertical soldering pins. The battery issoldered - not on a battery holder - so the replacement should be done by a qualified technician only.  
  3. Power on again, write down the restore code you see on the screen (if you don't see a restore code, select the mainframe and go to System > License) and send it to the TC Support Team, along with the serial number of the unit. 

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