DBMax: Latest software version

The latest revision is 2.90, released August 5th 2002.

Changes from v. 2.60 to 2.90:

  1. Analog termination options added
  2. Power-up on Recall page rather than Mainpage
  3. Preset #46 changed

Changes from v. 2.02 to 2.60: 

  1. Spectral Stereo Enhancer Insert Added.
    At Insert 1-3 a Spectral Stereo Enhancer is now available.
    The function is known from Finalizer 96 and useful for Mastering, FM transmission and Webcast.
  2. Improved AGC.
    Faster release times are enabled to add more dramatic action in the AGC typically needed for FM transmission or other low dynamic range processing. Up to 9.9 dB/sec is allowed. (Previous max was 2 dB/sec).
  3. Distortion Cancelling Applied to Final Limiter.
    Distortion is down from typically -92 dBFS to -124 dBFS in the final limiter. 4. Extra Soft Clipper Added to Final Limiter Added loudness can be obtained using a new soft clip headroom limiter in Insert
  4. Old presets will default to having the headroom limiter on if soft clip was previously engaged.
  5. Input Channel Swap Function Added On IN page no 2, Left and Right can be reversed by selecting "SWAP" in the PROCESS fileld.
  6. RS485 Remote Enabled Due to a bug in software 2.02, full remote functionality was not obtained. This has been corrected.
  7. Improved Dynamic Eq.
    Lower distortion and better detection has been implemented in the Dynamic Eq.
  8. User Lock Maintained on Power Down.
    User Lock (front panel security lock) is now no longer cleared on power down.
  9. Fine Trims on Analog Inputs.
    Fine trims in 0.1 dB increments has been added to analog input calibration now found on the Utility page.
  10. Analog Trims in Utility Menu.
    Analog input and output trims have been moved away from the Reference Level settings, so they are now machine specific instead. They can be adjusted on the Utility page.
  11. Reference Level Set-ups can be Stored on Card.
    User Ref. Level Set-ups are now stored together with Presets using the RAM to CARD command in the Utility page.
    User Ref. Level Set-ups are restored CARD to RAM command in the Utility page.
  12. Auto-load of Default Settings.
    User defaults (= all settings) can be recalled on every power up of the machine by selecting the AUTO load function in the Reset menu. The Reset menu is found by holding the BYPASS key during power-up.
    Auto-load enables the machine to be in a completely known state on every power-up.
    To use the function, first adjust all settings (Preset, Ref. Levels, Utility parameters, Sync etc.) to what you want as Default.
    Power down the machine.
    Power up the machine holding the BYPASS key.
    Select "STORE USER DEF" and press OK.
    To auto-load settings on every power-up, select "AUTO" in the "LOAD USER DEFAULT" line.
  13. Bypass of Input Filters.
    Bypass modes "Att" and "1:1" now bypass input hi-pass and low-pass filters.
    Bypass mode "THRU" is not changed. It has always worked this way.
  14. New Presets and Set-ups
    Many new presets have been added for Webcast, DTV and even FM transmission.
    There is no built-in composite generator, but some of the added functions are useful for FM applications also.
    For Webcast presets, use Set-ups EBU or NAB Webcast.
    For DTV presets, use Set-ups EBU or NAB DTV. For FM presets, use Set-up FM Generator.

You can download the latest software by clicking the attached link.

Software for "Wizard products" like the DBMAX can only be installed in this way:

  1. Download the software file. Don't rename it.
  2. Unzip the file if it is zipped. Don't rename it after unzipping.
  3. Copy the unzipped file to a disk. Don't rename it.
  4. To copy the file from the disk to a PCMCIA card, you must use a M5000 (not M5000X) with software version 3.52 (or higher) installed.
  5. Turn on the M5000, press UTILITY button, select MENU FILE, dial to select DISK TO WIZARD, press DO, select the file to copy and press DO.

Now you can upload the DBMAX software from the PCMCIA card into the DBMAX:

  1. Hold down the Help button when powering up from the front.
  2. Select LOAD PCMCIA and press enter to select
  3. The new software should be loaded now, please reboot.

If you don´t have access to an M5000, please contact your nearest service center for a software upgrade.


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