Difference between Tap subdivisions 1/4, 1/4D, and 1/4T in TAP menu


What's the difference between TAP SUBDIV 1/4, 1/4D, and 1/4T in the TAP menu?


The TAP SUBDIVISION determines how the effects unit should respond to the tapped tempo

BPM equals regular 1/4 notes.

When BPM is tapped the following subdivision will be applied:

  • 1/4 - each tap is a quarter note (or BPM),
  • 1/4D - each tap is a dotted quarter note (or 1.5 x BPM),
  • 1/4T - each tap is a triplet quarter note (or 0.5 / 3) etc.

These values are derived from general musical notation standards, and define different note lengths within a certain tempo.

This FAQ applies to:

  • M-One,
  • M-One XL,
  • G-Major,
  • D-Two.

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