Differences between Flashback and Flashback X4


Which are the differences between the Flashback and the Flashback X4?


The differences between the Flashback and the Flashback X4 are as follows:

  • The Flashback has one TonePrint, the Flashback X4 has 4 slots for 4 different TonePrints. 
  • The Flashback has 9 different delay types, the Flashback X4 has 12 different delay types. The X4: "2290 with modulation", Analog with modulation", "Tube". The delays with modulation of the Flashback X4 gathered under the "MOD" type on the Flashback.
  • Both have a looper function with 20 sec. stereo looping or 40 sec. mono looping. Both are able a delay time up to 7000 ms.
  • The Flashback has one foot switch, the Flashback X4 has 4 foot switches to allow to save 3 personal presets. The last foot switch is for the looper function. 
  • Both Flashback have two "dip-switches" in the battery compartment for the Flashback and under the back plate on the Flashback X4:

    You have the choice of bypass type and the second "dipswitch" is for the killdry function. For these functions, please refer to pg 32 of the user manual.
  • Both Flashback have USB connection for the TonePrint editor for editing the parameters on a computer. This also allows you to save your own TonePrints. The USB connection is suitable for the firmware update. 
  • The Flashback is usable with a cell battery or power supply. Only a power supply for the Flashback X4. 
  • On the Flashback you will find a MIDI connection and a jack socket for an expression pedal to control some parameters with the foot. 
  • Both have left and right inputs, left and right outputs. The Flashback and the Flashback X4 are true independent stereo. This means that if you input a signal in the right input, the delay effect will be only on the right output. Of course it is usable in mono applications. 
  • Lastly, the Flashback has a "click" switch and the Flashback X4, soft foot switches.

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