Differences between Konnekt Live and Konnekt 24D


What are the differences between the Konnekt 24D and the Konnekt Live?


In addition to the features found on the Konnekt 24D, the Konnekt Live adds these features:

Control panel, Mixer page:

  • Fabrik C on all channels including DAW channel and outputs,
  • Selectable DAW channel,
  • RIAA plug-in with different RIAA filters.

Control panel, Setup page:

  • Light ring can be assigned to MIDI control,
  • Selectable source for Main outputs,
  • Balanced/unbalanced switch for analog outputs.


  • Fabrik C Live (DSP). Does all what Fabrik C does, and adds extra sources for live / mastering use,
  • Fabrik R Live (DSP). Does all what Fabrik R does, and adds more reverb algorithms,
  • ResFilter (Native). Great sounding resonant filter plug-in with inter communication bus that allows controlling multiple plug-in instances and parameters from one plug-in,

Furthermore, the Konnekt Live includes a cable for connecting a turntable to inputs 1+2.

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