Differences between M-One and M-One XL


What is the difference between the M-One and M-One XL ?


The presence of the new XL Reverbs is the most important difference between the regular and the XL versions of the M-One.

Visible changes are: 

  • New "XL" size in all reverbs,
  • New "Small Room" algorithm.

Additionally, the reverbs have gone through a general improvement process, mainly focusing on the width/narrowness of the stereo image. This is most evident when changing the value of the reverb algorithm's "size" parameter, but it also stands out in a general comparison with the regular M-One.

The density and modulation parts of the Reverbs have been improved, and a new ping pong delay algorithm has been added.

Finally, we replaced the regular M-One's balanced stereo jacks with XLR connectors, which makes it more reliable in a live situation.

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