Differences between the Finalizer Express and the Triple-C


What are the main differences between the Finalizer Express and the Triple-C?


The Triple-C is mainly an insert compressor, though you can also use it for mastering. It has these features not available on the Finalizer Express:

  • Ratio, Attack & Release can be set; although not tweakable pr band, so you can achieve a very specific setting with it.
  • Envelope mode - in which you can apply envelope-control or boost and cut the Attack/Release of a signal.
  • Full-range mode - here it works a "regular" non-multiband compressor.
  • Compressor sidechain - set up one of the inputs as a sidechain for the compressor.

The Finalizer Express on the other hand is really more of an all-in-one masteringtool, though it can be used for insert compression. It has these features not available on the Triple-C:

  • The Emphasis keys - which allows you to add extra compression in a particular band.
  • Spectral balance - here you can boost and cut the signal over the three bands.
  • Normalizing with softclipping.
  • Fading in the digital domain.

For more information about each of them, please see the individual Triple-C and Finalizer Express product web pages.

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