Differences between the various Spark versions


What were the differences between the various Spark versions?


Spark LE Plus offering the same features as Spark ME, Spark LE Plus added three more plug-ins: MaxIT, DelayIT, and PerformanceVerb, a VST reverb Plug-In. These three plug-ins are fully VST compatible and can be used in real-time in an effects chain with 4 plug-in slots. Spark LE Plus also featured MP3 encoding and decoding, CD Burning, and full QuickTime support, including MP4. Spark LE Plus was only available from our webshop.

Spark XL: In addition to all of the features already mentioned, Spark XL features 26 Plug-Ins, including our renowned DeNoiser and DeClicker restoration tools. Spark XL also features a scalable FX Machine for unlimited real-time effects processing, MIDI Support, Batch Conversion, a graphic cut editor, MegaBitMax Word Length Reduction System, virtual synthesis, and much more.

Please note that both Spark LE Plus and Spark XL have been discontinued since March 2004.

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