Different PowerCore plug-in packages with different PowerCores


I have been offered a PowerCore Element along with the included PowerCore FireWire plug-in package - is this possible?


No. It is simply not possible to run the plug-ins bundled with one type of PowerCore, with another type of PowerCore that is normally bundled with another set of plug-ins. Furthermore, the packages of included plug-ins have never been sold separately.

  • The PowerCore Element can run the plug-ins that are bundled with the PowerCore Element (and optional plug-ins you purchase separately),
  • The PowerCore Compact can the the plug-ins that are bundled with the PowerCore Compact (and optional plug-ins you purchase separately)
  • And so on ...

If you are offered a PowerCore PCI with the software package of a PowerCore Firewire, please make sure you are actually buying optional plug-in licenses or get in touch with the TC Support Team with any questions you may have.

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