Ditto Looper: How to use it


I've lost the instruction sheet to my Ditto Looper - how do I for instance  make an overdub?


1. To record: Press the footswitch once
2. To stop recording and start playback: Press again
3. To do an overdub: Press again

You can now toggle between another overdub and playback by pressing the footswitch.

4. To Undo your last overdub: Press and hold the footswitch for 1.3 seconds during playback
5. To Redo: Press and hold the footswitch for 1.3 seconds again

Note: You can only undo/redo your last overdub.

6. To stop: Press twice (double click)
7. To delete the loop and return to the true bypass state: Press and hold for 1.3 seconds while the pedal is stopped

There is also a shortcut to delete the loop and go back to true bypass straight from the playback state (so that you don't have to stop the loop first)

8. Press the footswitch once and then hold to go straight from playback to true bypass

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