Ditto / X2 Looper: How to use with multi channel amplifiers


I want to be able to record using a clean channel on my amp, then use the gain/distortion channel to solo over my loop. However when I change channels after recording the loop it also changes the recorded loop from clean sound to a distorted sound which is not what I want. How can I change this behavior?


When using the Ditto in front of your amp (guitar plugged into the Ditto, Ditto plugged into the amp) this behavior can not be avoided.

The only way around this is if your amp has an effects loop ( sometimes this is labeled "preamp out" and "power amp-in").

If you have any other effects in your effects loop that you want to be able to loop simply put them before your Ditto. You may wish to put any reverb after the Ditto, that way, If you stop the Ditto, you will preserve the reverb decay which will provide a more natural sound.

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