Ditto X2: Power requirements


I have just bought a Ditto X2. It is excellent. I see in the manual it says a minimum of 150ma is needed. The unit itself states 100ma are required. What is the right value?

I have an adaptor which delivers 200ma & 9 volt. Will I damage the Ditto X2 by running it with this adaptor?


Actually 100mA as it is specified on the Ditto X2 itself is a minimum. 150mA will give you a safe margin for proper working conditions. However, use a power supply with a bigger value will not be a problem and you won't damage the pedal. You can power up the Ditto X2 with a 2000mA (2A) power supply, the device will take only what it needs. in the case of the Ditto X2 around 100/150mA.

With a 2000mA power supply you will be able to power up several pedals for a total of 2000mA using daisy chain method or a brick power supply with multiple outputs.

In contrast, you have to be careful with the voltage. Never use a 12V (or more) power supply with a 9V pedal. Also be careful with the polarity, never reverse it. Most pedals on the market have a center pin negative but some of them have reverse polarity. Make sure of these specifications before power up each of your pedals.

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