Error: "The sample rate setting of host application is not supported ..."


When trying to open Logic so I can use the PowerCore plug-ins under Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), I get this message:
"The sample rate setting of your host application is not supported by this PowerCore ...".

What is going on?


This is perfectly normal. This is why:

When you start up Logic, the Apple AU Validation tool (AU Val) will check all the PowerCore plug-ins by trying to run them at all sample rates supported by Logic; because Logic supports up to 192 kHz sample rates, the PowerCore plug-ins are also tested at this sample rate.

Most PowerCore plug-ins support 96 kHz, but some only support 48 kHz, so during the validation, the PowerCore Messenger will appear with this error message.

Please keep in mind:

  • This error will appear regardless of which sample rate you run your session at, because the error isn't related to your session or its settings.
  • The plug-ins are not failing AU Validation - this error message appears in the PowerCore Messenger, not the Logic AU Validation tool.

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